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Oeuvre FALRET - Résidence du Dr Arnaud  Paris

The residence of Dr. Arnaud ask for agence Treize within the framework of an ambitious project including dressing the front window stickers, entry, living spaces for residents and host families. The staff is also concerned since many areas reserved as meeting rooms and rest will are also treated with wall panels.

With the further implementation of wayfinding applications, the building will offer to residents, their families and staff comfort and easy movement within the facility.

Clinique OUDINOT  Paris

Foundation Saint Jean de Dieu, in the context of the restructuring of the Clinic Oudinot in Paris, called the Treize agency to create and deploy signage and wall cladding in this prestigious institution. This large scale project , carried out in occupied site , will take place in several phases. The first has just ended with the processing of administrative offices and an ambulatory surgery area consists of 2 blocks and 4 surgical suites . The treatment of the latter includes the reception, corridors , access to blocks and a recovery room. It allows to accompany patients on their journey . The staff is supported by an effective signage that allow to the different functions of this space easy identification.

Institut Technologique FCBA   Champs sur Marne

As part of the move of the Parisian historical site to the Cité Descartes in Champs sur Marne, the Institut Technologique FCBA inaugurated in April 2, 2015 in the presence of Stéphane Le Foll, Minister of Agriculture, Food and forest, Jean-Claude Seve, Chairman FCBA and Georges-Henri Florentin FCBA CEO of its new headquarters made of 4,000 m² of offices and 6600m² of laboratories. Designed by architect Michel Canac (Atelier 4+) and directed by Léon Grosse and Mathys, the new buildings of Institut Technologique FCBA needed, in addition to a strong architectural signature of decorative murals and signage applications to enjoy the full potential of its new location. TREIZE agency was selected to design and implement a coherent whole that values the spaces, helps users better navigate and promote the identity of FCBA head office.

Green atmosphere  Various prescribers and private clients

Here we present a collection declined from a green theme suited to the treatment of private housing , communities or tertiary . Whatever their volumes and size, our sets value your achievements and complete work on volumes , materials or colors.

These items are available as standard in different sizes , but we can achieve your dimensions or create custom compositions combining several elements to help you better meet specific needs. Contact us for more information.

Le Havre de Galadriel - FCES   Loos

The residence Le Havre Galadriel was opened in September 2014 in Loos-lez-Lille (Nord). This specialized nursing home welcomes people from 18 to 60 victims of brain injury. More than a place of care, Le Havre de Galadriel was designed as unique place to allow everyoneactivities. In this specific context, and with a totally oriented residents approach, FCES has entrusted to TREIZE agency the design and implementation of decorative murals and signage that give this new facility unique identity that transforms this place.

Résidence le Pévèle - FCES   Saméon

The new residence Le Pévèle opened on February 5, 2014. It has 69 rooms, including 66 for permanent accommodation, and 3 for temporary accommodation. The building is fully adapted and designed to accommodate the dependent elderly, but also people with visual impairments. TREIZE agency was selected to design and produce signage and decorative murals with the dual aim of providing a poetic dimension to the spaces, but also to meet the guidance and safety needs of residents with visual and cognitive disorders.