Exemple de design mural pour les entreprises Exemple de design mural pour les espaces publics Exemple de design mural pour les collectivités Exemple de design mural pour les prescripteurs
treize - graphic team working


Whether we are creating a monumental work in a hall, decorating a workplace or fitting a showroom or a restaurant, in every project our agency is committed to allowing you to express your individuality and promote your brand concept.

We transform your spaces into performance areas in terms of comfort and image.

  • head offices
  • offices
  • reception areas
  • showroom
  • restaurants
  • hotels
  • corporate crèches
  • facades

public spaces

Walls, passageways, doors, lift towers, windows, floors. Our creations can be hosted anywhere.

Produced for both decorative and functional purposes, our designs have the power to transform a space, to help users find their way around or allow them to experience the moment in a different fashion.

  • museums
  • theatres
  • cinemas
  • stations
  • retail spaces
  • conference centres
  • exhibition halls
  • cultural centres


Telling a story, helping a space to breathe, creating an atmosphere, directing visitors or residents.

Our designs attract attention and can stimulate the imagination, or more simply give direction. Whatever the approach, we are committed to giving sense to our creations whilst respecting the space and its function.

  • crèches
  • primary and high schools
  • leisure centres
  • sporting complexes
  • nursing homes
  • community facilities
  • clinics
  • hospitals


In our collaborations with architects, designers or creative industries, our designs promote spaces, showing them in a different light. They complement your work with volumes, materials and colours.

Through our graphic and, dare we say, poetic process, Treize offers a new dimension to your creative vision.

  • offices
  • education
  • administration
  • parking
  • hotels
  • museums
  • retails spaces
  • private dwelling